Globally based businesses gain access to debt and debt equity funding from $1MM to $3+ Billion per transaction across 2 different industries from start-ups, expansions, buyouts and Factoring.

Main Industries:

  • Energy (Oil & Gas, Clean Technologies, Renewables, Solar, Wind, Fuel Cell, Hydropower, Biodiesel, Biofuel, Ethanol, Biomass, Geothermal, etc.)
  • Healthcare (Medical Device, Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, Healthcare Services, Healthcare Technology, Medical & Dental Practices, etc.)

We can also get funds for: Mining, Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG), Motion Pictures & TV Production and Commercial Development & Operations.

We work with a large firm owning an investor network spans over 400+ different global investor groups including Private Investors, Family Office, Private Equity Firms, Venture Capital, Mezzanine Funds, Hedge Funds, Trust Funds and other global institutional capital sources.

How we work?

Our job is to review all the information available from your side. And look for the best fund source for each project.

– Alia Funding DO NOT provides the funds. We are serving as a connection to several companies or individuals. Depending of the type of project and amount needed.

– Every projects need to have the “intake form” along with the business plan in excel for the possible investors

– Alia Funding will charge NO Upfront Fees for U.S. and internationally projects.

– Alia Funding have independent agreements with several companies to help you gathering the funds needed.

-Depending of the country of funds needed. Investors will ask you for the following:



  1. FILL OUT the “intake form” and submit it to info@aliafunding.com
  2. Alia Funding will decide what the best source for your funds is.
  3. Everything is negotiable, at this point.

but the most probable steps besides a call with the investor or company to confirm the data submitted.

You will received and email with the requirements along with the % needed from your side. (As stated above depending country and funds needed)

4. Submit your NON DISCLOSURE AGREEMENTS TO info@aliafunding.com

5. Submit all other documentation to info@aliafunding.com

a) Complete Business Plan

b) 5 Year Pro Forma with Income Statement, Balance Sheet & Cash Flow Statement

c) Depending of country and amount needed. Investors will ask you from Zero to 20% of the funding amount you’re seeking as CASH/Liquidity Reserve Funds currently available to invest into your business or project, regardless if you already have capital invested into your business.

d) Sustainable Competitive Advantage (i.e.: granted patents, proprietary technologies, vendor exclusivity contracts, licenses/permits, exclusive distributorship, copyrights, etc.)

e) Strong Management Team with industry and business experience

f) CASH already invested to date into your business

** If you also have the following items, we can get your project funded much faster than normal…

i) Letters of Intent or Interest (LOI), Off-Take Agreements from potential customers

ii) Secured Assets in the Business such as Real Estate

iii) At least $2MM in annual EBITDA for Existing Businesses

6. Keep process with the company providing the funds; we will be here always to help you.


If there is question or there is any concern do not hesitate to let us know.

We here to serve you. All questions have to be clarify before proceeding to step 3, because once the project is submitted to investor, they do not have time and might reject a good project just because there was something not clear.


How to talk and clear questions??

set up a call and we will be able to talk

Please follow the link above and fill it out. In order to set up a call.

We can talk directly and clear any questions.

Will not be able to response if you do not have an appointment.
Best Regards